Monday, March 29, 2010

Peace be with me

I often tell myself that Peace is my goal. That implies that Peace is some "thing" that is outside myself, and to be obtained or attained in some way or manner. In other words, I must do something in order to find Peace.
That is exactly opposite from the truth. I need do nothing in order to know Peace. Well, the only thing I must do is to endeavor to quiet my mind. When that happens, I can see that Peace is already there. Peace is my constant companion, my one true friend. Peace never lets me down or abandons me. Peace has got my back, more than any other human could or would. Peace knows me.
Peace is in the quiet space between my cells. Peaces smiles at all the changes going on in my life. Peace is in the singing of my heart. Peace is, was, and always will be, with me.
May Peace be With You!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010